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Company Presentation

Reduktornye mechanizmy Ltd. has approved itself as a reliable partner supplying gear reducers and driven equipment.

Reduktornye mechanizmy Ltd. supplies production of such big manufacturers of driven equipment in Europe as "Tos Znojmo" (Czechia) and "Motovario" (Italy).

Gear reducers and gear motors produced by "Tos Znojmo" and "Motovario" almost fully overlap production of such companies as SITI, Varvel, Bonfiglioli, SEW Eurodrive, Danfoss, STM GSM, Inovari, Sumitomo regarding machinery type and technical specifications.

And for certain items they have similar overall and connection dimensions.

Range of serial production items of gear reducers and gear motors "Tos Znojmo" is divided into the following groups:

  • RT/MRT/MKT – worm gearboxes
  • MAT/MRP – worm helical gearboxes
  • ТС/МТС – coaxial helical gearboxes  
  • TNC – spur gearboxes
  • KTM – bevel gearboxes 
  • TKZ – screw gearboxes
  • VAB – variators

A torque range created by "Tos Znojmo" drives is from 20 to 10000 Nm.

Range of serial production items of gear reducers and gear motors "Motovario" is divided into the following groups:

  • NRV/NMRV/ISW/SW – worm gear reducers
  • PC-NMRV/HW-NMRV – worm helical gear reducers
  • IH/H/CH/IHA/CHA/HA – coaxial helical gear reducers  
  • IS/S/CS/PS – helical gear reducers
  • IB/B/CB/IBA/BA/CBA – helical bevel gear reducers
  • TXF/S/VH/VHA/TXF-NMRV/S – NMRV-variators

A torque range created by "Motovario" drives is from 20 to 15000 Nm.

Reduktornye mechanizmy Ltd. is constantly improving the quality of services directed to full satisfaction of our partners’ needs in industrial equipment. The range of our activities includes the following:

  • Calculation, engineering, repairing of general machinery mechanical gear reducers.
  • Consulting in the sphere of technical specifications of our production, selection of up-to-date analogues of old modifications of gear reducers. 
  • Replacement of failed foreign gear reducers, their repair and selection of domestic analogues, taking into account customer technical specifications, overall and connection dimensions.
  • Making of long-term contracts for supply of equipment.
  • Application of up-to-date organizational techniques and technical means allowing to reduce the time from ordering to receipt of cargo.
  • Flexible pricing policy and special conditions for regular customers at price formation and calculation of value with consumers.
  • Additional incoming inspection of production at the storehouse.
  • A full range of storage services.
  • Sending of cargos to any place of the country by transport companies.
  • The quality of the production offered by us is accompanied by a minimum factory warranty of 1 year and required technical documentation.

Besides, Reduktornye mechanizmy Ltd. offers:

  • search and supply of import parts and components by a brand name given by you;
  • to provide technical assistance and consulting during transfer of your equipment to a new elementary base.

The field of application for driven equipment of this production is very wide:

  • Car wash equipment
  • Drives for transporter lines and conveyor belts
  • Automatic barriers and industrial gates
  • Lift and escalator equipment
  • Belt-saws, sawmills
  • Concrete mixers, batch plants
  • Meat choppers, dough mixer
  • Filling and packing equipment
  • Automatic brushes for cattle massage
  • Etc.

Featuring in the market a wide range of driven equipment Reduktornye mechanizmy Ltd. is able to satisfy the most specific requirements of the Customer.

Prices for "Tos Znojmo" and "Motovario" production successfully compete with the prices for domestic analogues. For certain items the prices are even cheaper than Russian ones.

Taking into account mutual interests we try to give an individual attention to each customer.

Our company provides a qualified assistance in selection of required equipment. In autumn 2011 our employees had a training in the Mitsubishi Business Center.

We will be happy to consider your proposals for cooperation. We are ready to complete one-time and long-time orders. We can send our experts for negotiations at your place of location.

All aforesaid helped our Company to gain the Customer’s confidence. Thanks to the work performed today we are ready to offer you supplies of general machinery gear reducers and gear motors within the whole range as well as other industrial equipment, with which you can become familiar at our web site.